How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Buyer Personas: Explore the Developing Technology

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Read Time: 10min

It is essential for businesses to have a clear understanding of their core customers. Having that understanding can be a major difference-maker in the direction of the company. Buyer personas are the perfect tool to help you have a clear understanding of your customers. These personas help you explore the common traits and behaviors in your customers for future use across marketing planning.
It is important to realize that every customer is different in terms of their behavior and approach. This makes it extremely important to have a large dataset of customers. As a growing business, you’ll have customer segments with their own needs and interests. This can make it challenging to figure out the right strategy for every customer segment.
Buyer personas make it simpler to handle diverse customer groups by exploring the shared traits between large customer groups. These groups can then be used to simplify your decision-making and to provide you with deeper insight into your decision-making process.
However, as a business, it can be complex to manually sort through the data and figure out the existing personas. The process can be highly time and cost-intensive for your business. It can be a great idea to look beyond conventional resources and explore emerging technology like artificial intelligence to develop better personas.

This article will explore the role of artificial intelligence in developing buyer personas and evaluate how technology is leading to more accurate results.

Challenges With Conventional Buyer Personas
With the same processes being used for years to develop and explore buyer personas, there are a ton of challenges that have emerged along the way. Here are some of the biggest challenges that have emerged as a result of manual persona creation.

  • Human Dependency –With human working structuring, the development and accuracy of the personas are largely dependent on manual human resources that can make a ton of errors along the way.
  • Ignoring Online Behaviors – For organizations with expansive audiences, it can be impossible to manually evaluate the online behavior of customers across the company’s digital resources. This leads to old-school personas that exist on the basis of interviews and conventional methods. The lack of online evaluation leads to inefficient targeting and disconnects the company’s message from existing trends.
  • Lack of Personal Touch – With the development of archetype personas, companies miss out on the minor differences between customers and fail to showcase a personal touch in the end result.
  • Manual Updates – Despite the effort put into the development of buyer personas, conventional personas rapidly become out-of-date. This leads to a significant difference in audience behavior by the time the actual marketing campaign is implemented.

Personalized Buyer Personas with Artificial Intelligence
True personalization and individual engagement are rapidly emerging as a pressing need in the marketing world. It is essential to have accurate personas that help you engage personally with your clients’ thanks to the ability of advanced technology.
Here’s how AI-based solutions are transforming the game.

  • AI-based solutions are gathering customer data at massive scales beyond the capabilities of human collection and management. This is happening as a result of 3rd party sources and social connectivity.
  • The collected data is evaluated through the AI-evaluation process to explore emerging patterns and craft accurate profiles for marketers. This leads to improved output from lead generation teams.
  • Customer digital experiences are further being tuned based on the personalized understanding through the personas.
  • With real-time updates, companies are continuously evolving marketing strategies based on the changing conditions of the market.
  • The automation of the process is leading to lower management and handling costs aside from lower working bottlenecks.

With the ever-changing demands of the modern consumer, it is essential to develop a real-time tool that creates accurate buyer personas. AI solutions provide the optimal answer to the requirements of this new landscape. Using artificial intelligence opens the doors to accurate buyer personas thanks to advanced data evaluation algorithms.
The development of these solutions allows your business to face the complexities of the modern B2B market and helps you leverage the potential of big data. By shifting to Ai-based personas, markets can scale down costs and remove inefficiencies from the process.
Syrup is an industry leader in the development of cutting-edge AI solutions to help you effectively create real-time buyer personas. The company has established collaborations with leading companies and is paving the way to a transformed outlook on buyer personas.

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